Monday, December 29, 2014



Hope your Holidays were as wonderful as ours, which we got to spend with family FAR AWAY.  One of our daughters and her husband teach school and are currently in Cyprus, with two of our grandchildren.  Here are some pics so you can see what a FANTASTIC country Cyprus is:

Grandson and me in front of first home we stayed in.

Third place we stayed.

Daughter and me at St. Paul's (he came here, you know) for Christmas morning Eucharist.

Food was AWESOME and we recommend wholeheartedly this friendly, clean, beautiful country if you want a great ancient place to tour.


BUT YOU GUYS haven't been vacationing:  Leslie Juencke has a LOT going on and has us set up for  training of her new Agents this week.  Wayne Harrington called in from GA just now and has two new Agents signing up today:  PLUS THEIR residual this month is growing -- 4 times what it was last month!  And that's just the beginning of the list of 'what's happnin now'!

MEETING IN SAN DIEGO TONIGHT:  Host Rick Andersen.  Special Guest Merchant Guard Office Manager and THE WOMAN WE LOVE, Avita Pizano -- direct from INDIANA!!

7PM  Conference Room, Sun Harbor Marina

For directions contact Barb here or Rick.


Prayers are for Agent Ted Dawes quick recovery from surgery!


Love this PayAnywhere video from Clint Arthur but remember:  this just for YOUR info.  Don't send it out to anyone without making sure they have YOUR information on how to sign up for this neat unit.

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