Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Our dtr and son in law moved to Nicosia, Cyprus ( with 2 precious Gr Kids) back in August to teach in International School System. This is after .two years teaching in Cairo, Egypt where they had no car and did NOT drive.

Barb and  I arrived Friday nite with a rental car at our disposal. 4 things different from prior rental cars for us:
1. Steering wheel on right side
2. GPS totally in Greek
3. Cars drive on opposite side from U.S.
4. All road signs in Greek

And NO DRIVERS LICENSE required for first 7 months of driving.

Riding with our  dtr and S in L
Reminds me of being in a race car.

What an experience. At least I had a 15 minute training drive in a driving rainstorm.

Tried to get Barb to give it a try and she said ONLY if I am dead.

Having great time so far and at grocery storetoday we noticed they sure need our Merchant Guard terminals.
They still use ancient inventory and checkout methods.

Just think---all our growth is in front of us.


Michael R. Lammons
Pacific Coast Manager
Merchant Guard

Note:  most recent recorded interview is FILE 5!  BE sure to give it a listen. 


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