Monday, November 24, 2014

Merchant Guard in Paradise!

Merchant Guard in Paradise!


Conference Calls are such a neat way to build your knowledge of and foundation for a national merchant card business from the convenience of wherever you happen to be!  Barb and I believe that and evidently a bunch of other Agents do, too.

On the first MG call Nov. 16 there were callers from 5 states.
On the second MG call Nov. 23 there were callers from 8 states.

There were even callers from WI and TN -- if you had a guest on the call and would like some support or 3-way call, for example, give me a call-- I want to help!



 Subject: Blazing New Information

Good Morning, Team!
Thanks to all of you who were on the call last evening.  I really enjoyed sharing some of my ideas with you.
I know some of you had problems getting on the call….so Barbara Lammons has agreed to archive it on the blogspot later today.

While you are on the blogspot, check out the video on PayAnywhere, the tool John Daniels has arranged for us to offer.
This is just one of the great things he accomplished on his great Winter Wonderland Tour last week.
We are well on our way to becoming THE shopping center for merchant accounts.
John will be meeting with us tomorrow evening at Sun Harbor Marina conference room, 7:00 PM.
He will have one of the PayAnywhere systems with him.
In addition, he will be putting out information to all of us….stay tuned.
This is a great ride!


Aloha! Mike and Barb, these are the pics you requested. This is me on sat. 11-22-14 
on my Birthday. This is Ft. Derussy in Waikiki and Hawaii landmark Diamond Head Crater.. 
Come visit paradise some Day.. Aloha!!!!

 Congratulations to Chris for having signed the very first MG merchant in Paradise!


NOTE THE NEW MEDIA PAGE.  It is where audio recordings and videos will be archived for your biz-growing assistance.

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