Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sean's Training!

A coupla housekeeping notes:

1.  Be sure your agent # is on all apps you submit, whether merchant or agent -- and ESPECIALLY the SWIPER APPS.  These are easy to overlook.  Use the submission form from interface for this purpose!

2.  Training. 5pm PST. Today.  See blog yesterday for link.


Bon voyage to Agent Evelyn Barrientos who is off to NYC for a few days and has her EMV fliers to share with all and sundry!

Prayers to Agent Wayne Harrington  for a good result and quick recovery from his upcoming surgery Thursday a.m.

Congrats to Agent Rick Andersen on snagging BIG account! (because Rick is saving them multiple-thousands in fees)!



Copy and print off the Merchant Survey form below and drop it by 5 merchants that you shop at.  Be sure to attach your business card or contact information.  Please let Barb know your results. 


BONUS FEATURE:  training snippet from Chan 'Sean' Krohn:


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