Friday, May 22, 2015



And the world, Digital World Pay new Agents.  so it's great to see John Daniels and I got some videos of him can't wait for you to see. Also had a fabulous time with Captain Louie and his incredible team assembled from parts not exactly in LA but LA is Central.

Agents drove from Utah and down lines from new Agents in Hawaii as well as Nevada were present. It was a whole day chock full of sharing all aspects of this business -- the comp plan and merchant gathering and why we're the best fit for merchants.


Congratulations to the incredible Rick Skywriter Andersen down in San Diego who has been writing some incredible  large merchant accounts ....we understand that he's set to close three more this weekend! Couldn't happen to a nicer, more focused  guy!  Of course it could just be his natural charm...
An early morning meeting today and then heading back up the  5 to drop off Sean and then head back home. Sean has a full schedule when he gets back as do we. Isn't it amazing??  Aren't you thrilled to be part of this great company? Even if we're little now and people would look at us and say 'well you're not really great yet'.. you know when something is made up of incredibly awesome parts coming together it's going to be an incredibly awesome company.

We're so glad that John came to see us and know that in a little while you're going to be awfully glad somebody came to see you about Digital World Pay!! Share it with people this weekend and have an awesome day!!

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