Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Good morning, Digital World Pay world! Welcome to all the new Agents who are expanding the reach of this incredible new company. We are on the road to San Jose right now looking forward to a great afternoon with  awesome leader Sean Krohn and all the people who show up. And then I believe there's a training after that and then  on the road to LA to meet Captain Louie and his fabulous team that is just getting started--- it already expands from Hawaii to California to Nevada and Utah and that's with in just a few days.

 It is amazing how this is spread in a grassroots way. You don't need meeting, you don't need any other paraphernalia that generally goes along with building a network marketing business and that's because this isn't network marketing in the complete sense:  it is a professional business on the on the one side and its net working only on the marketing side. The grassroots are spreading like crazy so  you don't have to do a whole lot ....just put a whisper in the wind and Agents come back to you .

I've got my Flip video so I should pick up some great training videos from Sean and testimonials from merchants and some excellent meeting clip ...more later!!

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