Thursday, May 7, 2015

FROM THE DESK OF FOUNDER JOHN DANIELS, who in one of his former lives was a horse-raiser and -racer and remains an afficianado to this day.... wisdom from the paddock:

"My favorite sport is horseracing, I love watching the most magnificent domesticated animal in the world run.

As most of you know I raced horses at one time in my life and to me the Kentucky Derby is like the Super Bowl to an avid football fan. The 141st. derby just concluded this Saturday and I have to admit I chose the wrong Bob Baffert trained horse to bet. I liked both American Pharoah and Dortmund and I picked Dortmund because of his superior breeding, but breeding doesn’t always win and this time determination and guts prevailed. Dortmund towered over American Pharoah in height and weight and was royally bred but lost the race.

The reason why I mentioned the Derby race was to draw attention to the Jockey who rode American Pharoah to victory, Victor Espinoza and what he said when questioned by a TV reporter. The first Question was you have won three derby races and now two back to back and in 141 years only one other jockey has been able to accomplish what you have just done today. Do you feel Lucky? His answer was “I am the luckiest Mexican on earth."  Then reporter proceeded to say you were a bus driver in Mexico who saved your money and went to Jockey school to become a Jockey what were the odds that you would ever be where you are today. And he said about 1% and continued to say even when I was young I always had the desire to be successful and become a Millionaire and he has accomplished both. So it is not always the breeding that counts but desire, determination, and just plain guts."


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Digital World Pay Business Overview Conference Call

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