Wednesday, May 13, 2015

DEALING WITH A MERCHANT who gets a lot of international business and would like to reduce the 1% cross-border fees on that business?  Pivotal's Global One is for them.  Get flyer from your interface, Pivotal section.   (See 'optimize interchange below').


EPI Clover webinar this afternoon
Clover™ Mobile & Clover™ Mini
The Clover family of solutions is making point of sale more and more convenient! Clover Mobile includes all the benefits and security features of Clover Station and is a smart accessory. Likewise, its sister, Clover™ Mini is the ideal countertop solution for small businesses with tight work spaces and works in conjunction with the full line of Clover products.

We're addressing a complete overview of Clover Mobile and Mini and their impressive family tree in our next webinar:

Wednesday, May 13th – 11am & 4pm ET
Clover Mobile and Mini Overview

Don't miss out! Register online today at:


Any Pivotal Payments merchant apps that are submitted from May 10th through May 30th and activate by June 20th will receive an EXTRA $50 in upfront bonuses on your personal level! Did your jaw just hit the floor? We are ECSTATIC to make this announcement and anticipate many more merchant applications!

Now available for Pivotal Payments in the interface is marketing materials, applications and much more!

Reminder: Pivotal Payments has a true NO CONTRACT / NO ETF!
Is the whole world going crazy or is it just Digital World Pay? People are getting so excited they're  lining up to get in. We haven't seen this much excitement in business in years.  And we're still under 200 agents! 
It's amazing to me the number of  people who make money with Digital World Pay-- not big incomes yet, of course,  but they are all making it. That's  the proof  that it's working:  it is   setup for everybody to earn from their start and to  maximize income  as it grows.  If you have a plan that people can grow -- that's economic magic!
Then there's the fact that the  $195 dollar training  packet a new Agent purchases is worth a fortune and it doesn't stop! I hope that you're getting today into the training in your interface. The clips are  short and simple and they've done  a masterful job of the videos--most of them are 2 to 5 minutes so when you have time alone for a few minutes you can hop on your cellphone and watch a whole section. 
And then there's also  training webinars and conference calls  continuously. Have you done the excellent Clover training -- and now there's a mini-Clover POS!  Who knew? 
And Pivotal's  Jessica gives us ongoing  training which is really thorough and Pivotal has some features your merchant can't get anywhere else.  
MOST OF ALL, YOU DON'T NEED TO MAKE THE CHOICE FOR YOUR MERCHANT!  Just collect the processing statement from your merchant, email it in, and let the Digital World Pay experts propose the very best plan for him. 
The way/time to start is get serious about your Digital World Pay biz --  it has everything you need to make a professional career income.  We have fallen into a  bowl of cherries here,  guys!
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