Saturday, June 25, 2016

Jim and The Half Million Dollar Question (watch viceo)

Amazing things are happening daily in the World of Digital!!  For example, rookie Agent Sanford Valentine got himself into a situation recently -- we heard about it yesterday. 

Sanford is all alone (in DW) in a huge city in Tejas.  He hasn't been to any live meetings; no live trainings;  he has just muddled through the interface webbies and training modules all by himself.

A couple of weeks ago he enjoyed a great meal out:  told the guy checking him out 'food is great'.  Then, bravely, he ventured:  "I see you don't have a chip reader."  Cashier pounces on him:  "What do you know about chip readers?" 

Turns out cashier is owner's son -- of a food conglomerate/empire -- and emv cards are very much on their minds but they haven't  known who to call. Enter The Rookie.

People ask us frequently 'what is the best way  to build residual income'. 

The  answer we give is,  it's best for you to get a few small merchants and find a few other Agents to also get a few merchants and so on and so on. 

However it's  true that there are a handful of Digital Agents who have gone right out the door and stumbled into very large accounts --  each one of which give them a  generous full-time residual income of several thousand dollars a month. Looks like Sanford might have done that, too.

Is that the way it works every time?   No, I haven't done that yet.   Mike hasn't done that yet.  We have a few small accounts.   But believe me we love it when you guys turn up huge accounts.   The stories are so awesome to hear!

The cashier above told The Rookie  'if you help us get this one running smoothly we will turn over all our business to you.'   Literally this could be the residual income jackpot for The Rookie. I don't know any other business  you can say that about. Way to step up to the plate, Sanford!

And a big THANK YOU to Avita and to EPI's Rob Freytag for excellent support!

 Want to know more about DW and franchising for your merchants?  Listen to Jim:


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