Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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DW IS NOT A NWM COMPANY:  check it out and you'll see what we mean!

  1. DW Agents cannot be DW 'customers' unless they are already merchants processing credit/debit cards --  ergo most DW 'customers' are NOT DW Agents; unlike virtually all  nwm companies with  90% distributor/customer ratios.
  2. DW Agents operate much the same as agents with other processing industry ISO's.  So there is a professional category that DW Agents fit into!
And on and on go the differences:  it might be better to get to the ways in which DW is like a nwm company --

DW pays according to a 8-level comp plan, allowing each Agent to leverage their income by team building if they choose (7 levels), or to just build their personal residual through their own efforts.

Listen up to Rick for more!


Listen to Jim and the Cost Audit webbie -- you can fast-slide through it at your own pace!  Especially catch Prestina!

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