Friday, September 19, 2014

A Higher Calling

The  Higher Calling:

Merchant Guard Agents!  Why do we bother becoming Agents, filling out that humongous agreement and packet, scan or fax it in, get our dropboxes and wade through the videos and training materials -- for money?

Well, yes... but that's probably not enough for most of you.  

There's a Higher Calling at work, and I'm posting here a couple of statement analyses from Avita that have crossed my inbox just the past  day:

Please send in a scanned copy. I can tell you he is paying really high fees. I may not be able to break out the mid and non qualified but just on the qualified he is on a 1.65 for debit ours would be a .58 and 2.18 he pays for qualified credit and ours is a 1.58.
He is paying way too much he is paying $1150 on $22,000 which is over 5%! With us it is usually between 2-3%. We will save him about $50 just in end of the month fees.
Poor guy someone really took advantage of him.
With out even doing a breakdown I think we will save him $200-300 monthly.

Thank you,
Avita Pizano
Office Manager

Good Morning,
Attached is the analysis, statement and the application. 
He is on a .25% we can put him on .10%.
He has a 10 cent transaction fee ours is 5 cents.
$19.95 PCI Fee ours is $0! 
$.20 cent Batch fee ours is $0!
$9.95 statement fee ours is $5

He is also paying $7.95 from Amex for their statement with us his would be included in ours.
Total savings $77.52 monthly!
 Let him know that most of the fees come straight from Visa/MC
 There hasn't been a statement submitted so far that Merchant Guard hasn't beaten -- usually by a large margin!


So it's about HELPING OTHERS with a service that they cannot do business without; a service that is unconsciously purchased and habitually used.


Mike and I will be helping others at Bay Area get-together tomorrow.  Details at right.  Come or send people:  we'll share MG with them for you.



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