Thursday, September 4, 2014

Merchant Guard: Saving American Business one Merchant at a Time!


Barb:  put something on the blog about how they can download the app on their phone and try out a test sale. If they are trying to sell a business owner on the smart phone attachment they can pull out their phone and show them how easy it is...
The app is called PROCHARGE.


Thanks, Avita!  Mike and I have already done it and it is TOO COOL! 


Congrats to Agents Rick Andersen - MG025, Leslie Juencke - MG029, and Sean Krohn - MG025 for their GROWING Agent teams!

Rick & Barb's first love is sailing!

Sean's  a talented guy!  Wanna win American Idol?  Sean's the coach you want in your corner.  Or save on your merchant processing:)

Leslie is a seasoned and successful businesswoman -- here she is with whathisname....

 Makes me think we need a slogan:



Mike is  making a few EBT calls to local merchants right now.  He told them he's local so I am printing MG's EBT offer for him to take to the merchants as soon as he hangs up!  Which brings up.....


I called on a merchant the other day, a fish restaurant that we go to quite a bit.  I approached the merchant processing subject and he told me proudly that he has been with a processor for 9 years.  He indicated that he wasn't interested in letting me bid on his business.

So I asked him if his processor eats there often.

He said he had never met him -- it was all done by telephone.

I told him "well, remember I brought a group in here just last week. And my wife and I are regular customers.  It seems to me you'd want a local person to at least bid on your business."

Merchant was stunned:  he had never thought of it that way.

Sometimes you just have to 'splain it to 'em!

Merchant Guard: Saving American Business one Merchant at a Time!

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