Monday, September 15, 2014

Love Merchant Guard

LOVE THE NEW MERCHANT GUARD explanation de biznez .ppt.   You should have it in your Inbox courtesy the Amazing Avita.  So much is going on  that we are busier than a gopher on a golf course!  

New Agents are submitting new merchant statements to see how much MG can save them DAILY.  Hourly:  

AND IT'S URGENT:  WITNESS THIS email from the  South Georgia leaders:

Here is the agreement for ____________.     Please let me know right away if there is anything else needed. As they would like to have the equipment by Friday 9/19 before the deadline.   This should include the pin-pad for EBT.

Need your help to get this one FAST.              Thanks
Wayne and Angelia Harrington

And Agents are submitting new Agents almost hourly!

And sometimes the horse gets before the cart. Mike's friend who isn't an Agent yet but who sat down with his friend and got him to submit his biz for an MG proposal because his current processor is charging him over $500/DAY IN FEES!!  Merchant told friend 'if you can save me even $100/month I'm  yours'.  


Merchants are tired of getting squeezed to the last drop and that's where YOU come in!  Hitch that horse up right and get things heading in the right direction.



9/16/14 7 PM PST Dennys 710 W Shaw Clovis Ca    Mike & Barb Lammons

9/18/14 7 PM PST Harbor Marina San Diego Ca      Rick Andersen 


We had a blast in San Diego this weekend.  The trip inspired  Mike to this visual comparison:

6 months in Merchant Guard

24 months in Merchant Guard!
 Or maybe less ...  since you are  your own boss we know two things:

  1. You will find a way to do stuff wrong as often as possible and
  2. You will get sidetracked now and then.

 However, most important thing  of all is that MG is making a lot of folks HAPPY:

The happiest time in a man's life is when he is in  red hot pursuit of a dollar with a reasonable prospect of overtaking it.” --  Josh Billings

ESPECIALLY when that dollar comes from giving value and getting paid over and over on what you do one time!


EPI's Michael Nardy

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