Thursday, September 11, 2014

Merchant Guard ON YOUR SIDE

We're OFF to San Diego!  One of the things we love about this type of biz is we are self-employed, whiich this weekend means a few days meeting great folks by the sea with a nice tax deduction.  (Check out the relevant section of!)


FROM THE EVER-VIGILANT AVITA to the Harringtons regarding one of their submissions:

As you can see this merchant is doing an extremely low amount. 
They processed 423.23 total. 
On this particular statement they paid 146.86 which is outrageous! 

They paid 35% in fees. Average is 2-3%

They were charged a $79 PCI fee that is one of the reasons it is soo high. 
If you take off that fee they would have been charged about $64.
They are on 0% rate over visa/mc/disc.

We can save them the batch fee which is 25 cents so we can save them $7.25 plus if you take the $79 divide it by 12 it is $6.58.

So total we would have saved them is about $14 doesn't seem like much but when your only paying $64 it is 21%! Plus you will be saving them on the annual fee. NAB usually has a contract so just make sure they are not still in it so they can have a smooth transfer. Being that they are such a small account I would hate to see them have to pay an ETF.

Reminder they are taking PIN DEBIT so they will have to either swap out their terminal for $25 or purchase one for $100.

I have attached the application for you. 

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Avita Pizano


No account too large or too small for MG to be on their side and save them money!


Is our parent EPI awesome?  Here's a happy merchant:

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