Saturday, September 6, 2014

Merchant Guard brings VALUE TO MERCHANTS

Lots of value going on in MG today -- take a look:

SAN DIEGO regular Saturday MG Agent training headed up by Super Agent Rick Andersen and team, with headliner JOHN DANIELS.   This follows up the weekly Thursday night intro get-together.  San Diego is OFF THE HOOK!

MACON, GA, called in:  Wayne and Angelia Harrington are at a huge 40 ac. flea market having fun in the sun demo'ing the Merchant Guard ProCharge app on their mobile phones to merchants.  

Wayne also said he has 6 appointments set for Monday just from dropping in to small retailers on the outskirts of Dublin.

AND GET THIS:  he walked in to one establishment yesterday and introduced himself and the subject of EBT and the owner grabbed him: "I was just online trying to find out what to do!  I got a notice about a deadline for accepting the cards but don't know what to do!  Can you help me?"     HELLO!  Wayne here to help.



Had a great Friday visit with Sean Krohn from Santa Cruz and Fresno's Leslie Juencke -- both with people to share the  MG career opportunity.  Learned this via Leslie's merchant appointment:   one of her merchants is in a poor neighborhood, so the 15-20% savings MG can get him  is a big deal.  BUT we called on our Expert and Founder, John Daniels and he said, 'Don't forget about gift cards.'

We looked at each other :  he must not have heard the part about this being a poor neighborhood.

But he heard us all right --- and taught us  some of the gift card  benefits to merchants.  Here are a few:

  1. MG will give merchant 50 free gift cards.
  2. Gift cards can be used over and over again because they are rechargeable.
  3. There is almost always breakage on gift cards:  lots of folks leave some change on then which is profit to the merchant.
  4. Gift cards are a handy way to advertise (come to training for this: register in your back office).
  5. MG charges no processing fee on gift cards so they are free to merchant, unlike the universal fee on debit cards (22 cents/transaction) or credit cards (variable --see schedule)!

So you can see gift cards  bring value to EVERY merchant.  Register for the upcoming training webinar today!



 LAST NEWS:   I do not have permission to share this but let it serve as your confidence-builder.  

MG Super Agent Rick Andersen has been busy training his Agents and building his team.  Decided yesterday to try his hand at gathering a merchant statement to submit for processing.  He went out.

And came back with just one:  for over $300,000/mo. in processing -- way  over.

Why should this impact you?

Mike Lammons pointed it out:  "Makes you wonder about the tiny biz doing under $5K/month who won't let you see his statement!  Don't stop with him.  The next merchant you approach might be looking for savings on his HUGE statement."  

Rick must have worn his Issy Miyake! 

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