Friday, September 12, 2014


Greetings from a balmy San Diego where the Pacific breeze woos you and the fishing charters leave all day and night, unloading tons of gorgeous fat tuna (I guess they are tuna) right around the corner from our motel.  Mike is fascinated with the whole process:  I just need coffee!

GREAT TIME LAST NIGHT getting to be with Captain Agent Rick Andersen and his team -- and of course, Papa John!

Rick (standing) started his MG team just 2 weeks ago with only Celeste (in pink blouse/blue capris).

Papa John Daniels shares with crowd why this week is  historic for all of us!

From left, Agent Shelley Hanson, guests Butch and Wendy, great agent Brooke Eldridge and new Agent Tom Bressert.


ALL WALKS OF LIFE  are represented by just the few people in the room last night:  Navy retirees/civilian contractors, online biz owners, fishing charter boat owners, real estate agents, lawyers, insurance agents, property management, etc. -- that's the power of a network like MG.  The reach into all of US commerce is hugely expanded.  (I know:  hugely?)


John Daniels had a zippy little gizmo with  him that reads the new emv chip cards AND will read the new Apple iPhones with the NCF antenna.  Chip-reading terminals are going to be REQUIRED by Visa/MC starting in 2015 (4 months away) for a merchant to be covered in case of fraud.  We will furnish those new terminals FREE to our merchants.

Ponder this -- do you need more reason to FLY out the door and build your network and gather some statements?!!



Training tomorrow, 9:30 am, 5000 Harbor Drive, Sun Harbor Conference Room, SD.


Today, chillin', sharin', talkin', lovin' this life!  It's a good time to be an entrepreneur of modest talents -- if you are a Merchant Guard Agent!

HEY, for scanning help, Avita uses Genius scan app... download to your cell phone and you can scan statements, or app documents and email to Avita STRAIGHT from your cell !!  Be sure you are getting good scans to send in so that EPI has a legible copy to analyze. 


 You don't have to analyze smaller accounts however, Brooke shared.  Just take an app and sign merchant up -- the benefits they get trump the processor they have currently without getting bogged down.  As he pointed out last night, for a small merchant you're talking pennies compared to free equipment, no PCI charge, free gift cards and free processing, and the rest!



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