Tuesday, August 18, 2015

incredible story for today

Incredible story for today. We'll call the agent J.

J got on a flight yesterday morning and sat down beside a gentleman who was reading a Napoleon Hill book. That of course started a conversation about business. The man asked J what he does.   J tells him that he has a couple of home based businesses --  one nutrition and the other  merchant services. The guy wanted to know about the merchant services:   J pulls out the powerpoint with the DWP business presentation and he pulled up the new DWP video on his ipad. The guy asked a few questions then said Sign me up! --  so J got on DWPsignup.com page and the guy showed in the interface by afternoon!

Welcome new Agent V.  in Georgia enrolled by J of  North Carolina -- there you go! Easiest and quickest enrollment of a new partner that we've ever heard of!

(J doesn't want a big deal made out of what he did; he says the star of the story is V. and I haven't talked with star yet so won't  publish names -- until get permission.)


We think J is the star:  he was armed with his DWP tools and he was on alert, and evidently he looked nice and smelled pretty good, too!


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