Saturday, August 8, 2015

New Agent, Merchant,  Venue!

#1 OPPORTUNITY & You're Invited...Digital World Pay "Get Together" in Santa Cruz this Wednesday... August 12th at 7:00 pm...Host Top Agent Sean Repair Shop Santa Cruz 3431-B Portola Drive Santa Cruz CA 95062...Contact Sean 831-212-5755...Bring Guests! 

Need service?  Call this DWP merchant, Chris, for great service & value!

What a job gets you:


If all your hard work is putting new wheels under the wrong man or woman, TIME TO PUT SERIOUS EFFORT INTO BUILDING YOUR DWP TEAM!


$$ Housekeeping Note: 

Agents, if you have a merchant who signed up for the Phone Swipe  and they are not active, be sure that they know how to use Swipe.   When they enrolled for the Swiper they chose a username and login. When their Swiper arrives, they need to get on their smartphones, go to their app store and download the free Phone Swipe app. Once it is installed on their phone, they log in with the login  information  used when they ordered it and  then they can start swiping and they are active!






                          Sample 30 Second 'Pitch'  to merchant

Discuss 3 “pain points” that DWP services address:
Digital World Pay is a US owned company that is a middle-man between merchants and card processors;
We work with companies like yours that are looking to
reduce their overhead and increase performance by
 negotiating for a less expensive, emv ready service .
Many of the merchants we work with are really
frustrated with the high cost of processing fees
and are looking for more effective  options.
Other merchants we talk to are happy with their current processor but do not want to spend several hundred dollars on the new chip-ready terminals that are required by Oct. 1 of this year and going forward.

    I don’t suppose any of these are concerns of yours?


Thought for the Weekend:

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