Thursday, August 6, 2015


1.  Great recorded call to share with others - Paul:

2.  DWP video to share with others: 

3.  Your signup page:   Code = Your MG#+last 4 digits of your phone

4.  Training sheet "IF I COULD SHOW YOU"

5. Tools on Merchants:

a.  Trifold brochure downloaded  click here, print and personalize.

b.  Merchant Letter downloaded  click here, print and personalize.

c.   Phone Swipe Merchant app online and  form Agent submits for account. NAB

d.  EPI has ProCharge mobile swipers for bundle @1.19 or cost plus @.25 -- EPI has extensive spanish-language support, flyers, etc. -- great EMV terminals.

e.  Pivotal has month-to-month 1.19 bundle; also swipers...  great EMV terminals. Great package for international biz.


Your dwpinterface is chock-full of tools so I have pulled out some must-have info above.

Have you ever water-skiied?  There are really only 2 things you need to focus on: 
  1. your hands on the rope and 
  2. your ski (board) under you.
The boat does the rest.

That's how I see this DWP biz: 
  1. share the biz when appropriate and
  2. contact a few merchants with what we can do for them.
Using one of the tools above -- as well as webinars, calls, events, whatever is available.

And let the boat ( do the rest!

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