Friday, August 28, 2015



John Stewart   enews

Larger screens, buy buttons, and streamlined checkouts are expected to combine to raise the profile of smart phones in e-commerce. And now there are numbers to show just how much retail sales volume the devices will generate.

Smart phones will account for $27.7 billion in retail mobile commerce this year, a 38% increase over 2014, according to eMarketer Inc., a New York City-based market-research firm. That number will grow another 32% in 2016 to reach $36.6 billion, eMarketer projects. And by the end of 2019, commerce performed on smart phones will be responsible for nearly $41 billion in annual retail sales, the firm predicts, good for a touch more than 40% of all retail mobile commerce.

“Fewer people are putting down the phone to make a purchase using another device. Consumers are opting to complete their transaction with the same device they began the shopping journey with, and that is increasingly with a smart phone,” said Monica Peart, an eMarketer analyst, in a blog post about the projections.

The research firm cites several reasons for that, including larger device screens and the recent introduction of buy buttons on retail sites and on popular social-media networks like Facebook and Pinterest. These two sites among all social-media networks refer the most traffic to retailer sites, according to eMarketer.


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