Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Moral for the Day: TAKE ACTION!

Wisdom for Today from the Oil Fields:

John Masters: “This is so simple it
  sounds stupid, but it is amazing
  how few oil people really
  understand that you only
  find  oil if you drill
You may think you’re
    finding it when you’re drawing
    maps and studying logs, but
    you have to drill. (Canadian Oil Hunter)

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And from science/business:

“Fail faster. Succeed sooner.”

David Kelley/IDEO
 Which adds up to the 

Moral for the Day:  TAKE ACTION!

Don't dither about which app your merchant that you haven't talked to yet might need:  
TAKE STEP 1: Talk to Merchant. (USE MERCHANT LETTER FOR IDEAS ON WHAT TO SAY -- or just read it to him/leave it with him!)
Step 2 will never happen without Step 1... and don't worry:  Step 2 is a piece of cake.


Will you fail some?  Sure!  We all do:  some merchants are locked in a contract.  Some have their emv terminals already.  Some are hard to reach.

But LOTS are waiting to find out from you that there's a Processing Fairy who can help them maneuver to better equipment, service and rates!
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MERCHANT LETTER (cut and paste from here OR -- better -- log in to your interface and download from DWP Marketing docs and add YOUR name and contact info):



 Our Immediate Action Plan:  We shared this flyer info with a merchant yesterday....will share more today.  And sent new DWP video out to some interested acquaintances.

 It adds up! Take action every day for great DWP paydays every week!


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